How We Started

Spread love without boundary is the main objective and the torch that TEAM TARAH OFFICIAL carries not only to the Rainbow Community but across all walks of Life and colors.

Relatively new compared to others, Tanch set her foot in the realm of vlogging, (channel was named after her “Tanchellie Lobete”), on February 2019 and got 1000 subscribers on her first kick off within the month of hearts. Later on July 2019, her partner Sarah engaged herself also into vlogging and established her own channel, “Sarah Garcia Vlogs”. Tanchellie’s channel was changed into “TEAM TARAH OFFICIAL” when they reached their first 100,000 subscribers. TARAH  is the combination of their names, “TAnchellie and SaRAH”. And after one year in the platform reached its unprecedented milestone of 200,000 subscribers.

TEAM TARAH OFFICIAL’s video content discusses with their relationship, the quirks of being a Same Sex Couple, and the things they get up to together. A very uplifting, inspiring and funny vlog mainly about a genuinely loving relationship, with lots of advice and discussion about LGBTQ+ topics.

Let’s be BETTER Together, and do everything with LOVE.